Festival Committee

It takes dedication, organization, and commitment to make the Bull Thistle Arts Festival a success. The committee members who have been working for months to bring the festival to fruition explain why they have given so much of their time to this Village of Fayette tradition.  

“I’m on the Bull Thistle Committee to help bring a sense of togetherness to the community and to help the festival grow and thrive for all attendees young and old to enjoy!”

– Brittany Theis

“I wanted to give back to the best community; Fayette”


– Basilio Rosales

“We are proud of our community and want to continue this hometown tradition. This is an opportunity to gather together and have fun as well as to show off our town”

– Rich and Kathy Miller

“Not bring from town, I was honored to be asked to help with the Bull Thistle Festival in 2022, I joined the committee to be able to work with a great group of people that keeps bringing great things to Fayette “

– Cynthia Hendricks